Deeds of Variation

A beneficiary under a Will (or on intestacy) can if they so wish, pass their entitlement to another person.

Preparing such a Deed provides that the original beneficiary can redirect their entitlement to a third party without creating tax consequences for themselves.

We can prepare a Deed of Variation of an estate, which can help:-

  • Fix problems in a ‘home-made’ Will that wasn’t effective or doesn’t give effect to the testator’s intentions
  • Create special gifts, or divide the estate differently from the terms of the Will or intestacy (perhaps to help solve a family dispute or where someone has been excluded)
  • For tax planning purposes (if completed within the relevant time limit)
  • Simply pass assets on to the next generation

If this is something you as a beneficiary wish to consider please telephone us on 01709 510999 to arrange a meeting with Chris Shaw to discuss.

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