Industrial Deafness

Since 1963 employers became aware that exposure to loud noise in the workplace could cause their employees to develop hearing problems later in life. Many employers chose not to provide their employees with ear protection which has resulted in thousands of workers losing some, if not most, of their hearing.

Many people are aware that as people get older their hearing deteriorates. It is due to this that many people simply do not know that they have industrial deafness. It is only by having a hearing test that it can be determined if the hearing loss is due to age or noise.

Noisy workplaces

Workers in the following industries often worked in factories and workplaces where heavy machinery was being used and have successfully claimed compensation – this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Car Industry workers (both privately owned and under nationalisation)
  • Ship builders/repairers
  • Road construction workers
  • Local authority workers
  • Rail workers
  • Power industry workers (CEGB and contractors)
  • Ex-nationalised industry workers such as YEB, British Gas
  • Steel workers such as Foundry men
  • Paper mills
  • Wood/saw mills
  • Mining

Common types of noisy tools

Working with or near to someone using these tools can cause hearing loss:

  • Needle guns
  • Stihl Saws
  • Jigger picks
  • Road breakers (also known as a Jack Hammer)
  • Chipping Hammers
  • Impact Wrenchs
  • Riveting guns
  • Chain Saws
  • Whacker Plates
  • Air Grinders
  • Hand held circular saws
  • Concrete breakers
  • Engraving pens
  • Caulking Hammers
  • Nibblers
  • Nut runners
  • Pencil Grinders
  • Power Hammers
  • Rock drills
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Shotblasters

Do you or someone you know:

  • Turn the television up so loud that it is uncomfortable to everyone else in the room but cannot hear if turned down?
  • Fail to hear the telephone/door bell ring?
  • Fail to hear conversations when in a group?
  • Lip read?
  • Fail to hear someone speak to them when they are not in front of them?

If so you or they may be suffering from noise induced hearing loss if they worked in a noisey environment or with tools as described above.

Who can claim?

Anyone who has been exposed to excessive noise (over 90dB) without being provided with ear protection or made to wear ear protection (if it was provided) after 1963. If you worked in one of the above industries or used tools above then it is likely you will have been exposed to noise over 90dB and as such sustained hearing damage.

Is it worth it?

Just ask any of our hundreds of clients who we have recovered compensation for what difference the money recovered has meant to them and their families. Some of them asked the same question and are glad that they did claim.

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