Employment Particulars/Contracts and Staff Handbooks

Did you know that if an employee has not been provided with a principal statement of employment particulars including certain specific information within 3 months of starting employment, they can claim 2-4 weeks’ wages as compensation when brought in conjunction with another successful claim against the employer? In addition, on the very first day of employment an employee must be provided about sick pay and procedures, other paid leave entitlements and notice periods.

Even today, both large and small employers do not have contracts in place which comply with the legislation and discharge their obligations. If contracts are in place, they are also often severely out of date, as they are not reviewed regularly, as our team would recommend.

There are many rights which both employees and employers should be aware of, which affect the employee/employer relationship, but often they are not. Alternatively, they may be aware of rights, but are unsure whether they are incorporated into the contractual relationship and how these are applied in practice.

We can review contractual documents and help you understand if the documents are compliant. We can also assist employers in preparing and/or reviewing employment contracts and handbooks, to ensure they are complaint with legal requirements, if they are not already. The legal landscape in relation to the employment relationship is constantly changing and therefore regular reviews should be carried out in order to ensure continual compliance in the documents and their application, not just for today, but for the years to come.

Our employment team is here to help ensure the correct documents are in place, understood and followed, to help reduce the risk of claims for the benefit of employees and employers alike.

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