Police Interviews

If you are interviewed by the police you are entitled to free and independent representation at the police station. It is essential that you take advantage of that free representation. What you say during interview can have an enormous impact upon what happens in any subsequent court proceedings and you should not allow the police or anybody else to persuade you that you do not need a solicitor. Depending on your age and or any particular vulnerabilities, the police may need to have an ‘appropriate adult’ present to represent you in interview. It is important that you are aware that an ‘appropriate adult’ is not legally trained and is not a substitute for a properly qualified legal representative.

Other interviews under caution.

Many government (and some non-government) agencies have the power to interview you under caution. Ordinarily you will have a choice as to whether you agree to be interviewed or not. You should speak to us if you have been asked to attend an interview under caution, and we can advise you as to whether you should agree to be interviewed. If you do agree to be interviewed we will attend with you at the place of interview, and obtain information about the nature of the allegation against you. You can then consider this information before deciding whether you want to continue with the interview.

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