Personal Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our Prison Law Team are renowned for their expertise and representation in Prison Law and our reputation in this field is held in high esteem.

We are here to provide advice and advocacy assistance to individuals in prison across the United Kingdom.

We are one of only a few local experts within this particular field who can truly be relied upon to assist you with prison related matters to include:

  • Parole
  • Licence Recall
  • Category A Reviews
  • Categorisation & Appeals
  • Home Detention Curfew & Appeals
  • Sentence Calculation
  • Transfers
  • Sentence Plan / Progression
  • Licence Conditions

Legal Aid is available for some aspects of Prison Law. Please contact our Prison Law Team to determine whether your matter will quality for Legal Aid or dealt with on a private paying basis where Legal Aid is not available.

Call 01709 510 999 or email to allow us to carry out a FREE initial eligibility assessment.

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