Buying or selling commercial property

Buying or selling a commercial property can be complex. It is important to seek legal advice early in the process to ensure that your transaction is structured in a way that achieves your goals in a cost efficient manner and within your chosen timescale.

Our expert team can advise on an range of commercial property transactions including:

  • Voluntary registrations of unregistered land
  • Buying or selling registered or unregistered land
  • Buying or selling freehold/leasehold property
  • Overage/clawback agreements

We can also assist you with regard to option agreements and planning matters, land promotion agreements and deeds of easement (rights) over land (eg rights of way and rights for services).

If you are selling part of your property we will prepare legal documentation to protect any property that you retain (by land use restrictions).

We can help if you are buying property for your own business or as a landlord, we will investigate the seller’s legal title to the property so that it can be used, sold, leased or mortgaged as you wish.

We recognise that buying a property is an important decision and will guide you through the process.

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