Property Disputes (boundary disputes, right of way, easements; adverse possession; rectification of title; party wall)

When it comes to protecting your property, we all want to know we are in safe hands. Here at Oxley & Coward we can give you that piece of mind, offering 225 years expertise in the field.

Property disputes can affect you whether you are a property owner or you rent, whether your property is freehold or leasehold. Unfortunately, such disputes can put you in a difficult and often stressful situation as they may affect your family home or business premises from which you earn a living.

Do not despair! Our specialist Dispute Resolution Team are on hand to assist you with your concerns and ease your burden, whether your dispute involves:

  • A boundary dispute:
    • Who owns that fence/wall/hedge?
    • Is the boundary in the right place?
  • A right of way:
    • Is your right of way being blocked?
    • Is the right of way being used excessively, causing nuisance or damage?
    • Have rights of way been acquired by prescription or long user?
  • Easements:
    • Are your rights to light being affected, or will they be affected by planned building development?
    • Do you or your neighbour have to contribute to the costs of maintenance e.g of a right of way?
    • Parking rights: do they exist and are they being used correctly?
    • Have drains become blocked, affecting your right to drain?
    • Do you need help understanding the rights and obligations you have in relation to your land?
  • Adverse possession:
    • Have you used an area of land for a prolonged period (10 or 12 years) as your own?
    • Have you maintained and prevented people entering land because you thought it was yours, only to find out its not?
  • Rectification of Title:
    • Was a mistake made in the registered Title to your property at Land Registry?
    • Are there problems with your Title which could affect your ability to sell?
  • Party Wall Act:
    • Do you or your neighbour want to:
      • Build up to the boundary line of the property?
      • Carry out works to a joint (party) wall/structure?
      • Excavate within 3 metres of your building?
    • Do you know if you need to serve notices before works can be started?
    • Do you want to object to works being started?

Property disputes can be extremely expensive if they are not dealt with correctly, and failing to act may devalue a claim or be detrimental position. It’s easy to make sure you know your position and van make a fully informed decision, by simply making an appointment to see one of our experts, who can guide you through the often complicated legal landscape.

Costs putting you off? The costs of failing to act may be much more!

What’s more, your legal costs for dealing with property disputes may be covered by insurance, which our team will help you check. We can also discuss other funding options and help you weigh up whether spending a little now, will place you in a better position moving forward.

Contact us for more information and to protect your legal rights, now, and with every property you own or occupy in the future.

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