Commercial Landlord and Tenant Matters

Relating to: section 146 notices; dilapidation claims; rent reviews; rent arrears; enforcement of covenants

Legal advice can be imperative throughout the life of a commercial tenancy, having significant consequences if the wrong choice is made or important deadlines missed.

If you are a landlord or a tenant of a commercial lease, we would strongly advise taking legal advice whenever you encounter or consider the following events in connection with your property:

  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease surrender/forfeiture
  • Dilapidation claims
  • Enforcement of covenants such as repairing obligations, obtaining consent, alterations, change of use etc.
  • Recovery of rent arrears
  • Break notices

Obtaining legal advice can be crucial, as the method and timing of serving notices in connection with any of the above can be critical as to whether notices have the desired effect. There are strict and complicated rules which govern how notices should be served, in addition to the requirements set out in any tenancy, which can be confusing to even the most experienced.

You wouldn’t want to find that you inadvertently miscalculate a notice period and end up tied into a further 3 years of an expensive lease you wanted to bring to an end, as one of our client’s almost did and which would have cost them millions of pounds had they missed the deadline. Luckily for them, our specialist and dedicated team dealt with service, working late into the night and travelling across the country out of hours to ensure our client was taken care of and their position safeguard, given them that all important peace of mind they have come to expect from their legal team.

Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, the same pitfalls exist which could be your downfall if you are not careful.

Don’t delay, contact Oxley & Coward today and let us guide you through the dangerous landscape to reach the legal destination you seek, enabling you to sit back and relax knowing you are in safe hands.

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