Contract Disputes (sale of goods; misrepresentation; breach of contact; enforcement of terms)

 We all enter into contracts on a daily basis. This could involve buying goods such as food, cars, clothes. It might also involve obtaining services from your bank, accountant, mortgage broker, leasing a car, hiring an electrician, plumber or builder, or taking your car to a garage.

Contract interpretation and enforcement

The real question is, do you really ever read and truly understand the fine print of the terms and conditions you are signing up to? Or, do you know your rights and how to enforce them?

If you supply or purchase, goods or services, disputes can arise as to the terms of the contract, the parties’ rights and enforcement of those all important terms. Did you know that certain important terms can be implied, changing your rights? How about the fact that certain terms cannot be enforced in certain circumstances because they are unfair? Terms may also have been varied through conduct, discussions or in writing over time.

The easiest way to check your position is to seek assistance from our team today!

Our Dispute Resolution Team can advise you before, during and after the contract has been formed to ensure you understand your legal rights and that these are not lost by delay.


You may also be unaware that if you have chosen to enter into a contact because of something you were informed of by the other party entering into the contract with you, which later turns out to be untrue, you may have a claim for misrepresentation. In this scenario our dedicated team could help you recover damages for any losses you have suffered as a result of your reliance on the untrue statement, or they may even be able to assist you from bringing the contract to an end altogether and releasing you from your obligations. For example, we helped a commercial client bring a large mobile telephone 3 year contract, covering a number of handsets, to an end and recover losses and legal costs incurred when it became aware that the contract did not include free calls to premium numbers, which it had been promised when deciding to enter into the contract with the provided.

It’s simple, know your rights in contract! Contact our Dispute Resolution Team today!

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