What is it?

Asbestosis is not, contrary to popular belief, cancerous. It is in fact damage to fibrous tissue within the lung itself. In order to develop Asbestosis it is generally  thought that it is necessary to inhale quite a lot of dust. Asbestosis generally tends to develop 20 years or more after the inhalation of asbestos dust and is identified by X-ray or by a CT Scan. The asbestos fibres are very fine and become stuck in the lungs of a sufferer causing inflammation which, in turn, affects the efficiency of the lungs. This reduced efficiency results in a sufferer requiring a greater oxygen intake and hence feels breathless. Unfortunately, Asbestosis can not be cured and often gets worse the longer that a person has it.

Can I claim for Asbestosis?

If you are suffering from Asbestosis then you may claim compensation from those previous employers who have exposed you to asbestos. If you lose your job and cannot work because of the Asbestosis then you will be able to claim loss of earnings in addition to the compensation for the pain and suffering. If nursing care is required by a sufferer then compensation may also be recovered for this.

What happens if any of my former employers are no longer trading?

Over the years many companies have ceased trading. However, it is still possible to claim compensation if you or your solicitor can trace the insurer for the company.

Oxley & Coward have been trusted with hundreds of asbestos cases and have built up an extensive database of insurers for many companies. Therefore, it is possible that we already know the insurer for the company that you worked for.

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