Asbestos Related Lung Cancer

What is it?

Lung Cancer is the term given to a tumor in the lung which is malignant. It is well known that tobacco smoking increases the risk of cancer, but so too does the inhalation of asbestos dust and fibres. A person who has smoked tobacco throughout their life and also been exposed to asbestos is at an increased risk of developing Lung Cancer than someone who has not smoked but has been exposed to asbestos dust. It can take up to 20 years after inhaling asbestos dust before Lung Cancer develops. Unfortunately, Lung Cancer is terminal.


A court will award a claimant compensation for not only the pain and suffering caused from the Lung Cancer, but also awards compensation for any loss of earnings, value of care given by the family, professional nursing care and also compensation paid for aids.

Claiming after death

Regrettably, due to the aggressive nature of Lung Cancer, sufferers often die a short period after being diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

What happens if any of my former employers are no longer trading?

Over the years many companies have ceased trading. However, it is still possible to claim compensation if you or your solicitor can trace the insurer for the company.

Oxley & Coward have been trusted with hundreds of asbestos cases and have built up an extensive database of insurers for many companies. Therefore, it is possible that we already know the insurer for the company that you worked for.

Instructing a Specialist

As someone diagnosed with Lung Cancer has a reduced life expectancy then their claim needs to be progressed quickly. A specialist solicitor should be in a position to bring legal proceedings and prepare the matter for a hearing before the Court within 12 months of first being instructed. Certain Courts have a fast track procedure for these very types of claim and the specialist solicitor will be aware of the procedure. Here at Oxley & Coward, our specialist team has experience of settling cases within 12 months of first being contacted by a sufferer.

We offer a “NO WIN NO FEE” service to take the risk out of claiming.

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